Alquiler Trajes Hombre Miami

Alquiler Trajes Hombre Miami

Style #RL33  Red/ R. Lauren fabric. Alquiler Trajes Hombre Miami.

Traje para hombre de Carlo Pignatelli. I&A Foralwear and Mnovias tiene una grand variedad de trajes i esmoquins en diferentes estilos y colores para bodas y eventos formales. Si tu evento requiere un trje de etiqueta a ultimo momento. Con nosotros no hay ningun problema. Venga seleccione su traje y nosotros te vestiremos en minutos. Tenemos una gran variedad de trajes de varios colores para venta y renta. Tambien ofrecemos una extensa variedad de Chalecos y Corbatones para su boda o gala evento.

  • Product: Style #RL33  Red/ R. Lauren fabric.
  • Product: Sale price $248. Vest and tie


Para mas informasion por favor. Use nuestro correo electronico:, o llame al (305) 444-5451. Visitenos en a nuestra localidad, 252 Miracle Mile; Coral Gables, FL. 33134 (quince minutos de el Aereo Puerto de Miami.)

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Alquiler Trajes Hombre Miami. Trajes formales para novio. Trajes de gala para hombre. Alquilar de trajes para bodas.

The beautiful and elegant Groom’s wedding tuxedos are available in selected colors and size, for your formal attire. The handsome and beautiful Italian Men Slim Fit Suits, by CARLO PIGNATELLI. Italian men suits are designed, hand crafted, and made with elegant lustrous fabrics. Besides, Carlo Pignatelli has chosen beautiful fabrics and fabulous colors that produced the best Italian slim fit suit. We are the trend for TUXEDO ACCESSORIES LUXURY and groom wedding attire.

Alquiler Trajes Hombre Miami. In the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and Ike Behar are uniquely American classics. When the occasion is black tie and formal, like a wedding, prom, or dinner party, the style and classic elegance of European and American designers are always in fashion. There are many distinctive styles to choose from, so that you can find exactly what you want. Of course, a silk Italian fitted shirt, formal designer shoes, cravat or bow-tie, vest, and jewelry will be the final touch. The next time the occasion is special and the dress code is formal, contact us at I & A Formalwear accessories. Always make a classic and elegant statement about what you’re wearing.


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